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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs in Stock

Now the lockdown measures are slowly being lifted, we are now able to open up our showrooms. However, we want to make sure you and our staff are kept safe. Therefore, we have set up an appointment system so you can spend time, one on one with our team. You will be able to see the Jacuzzi hot tubs on display, see a demonstration of how they work and discuss which hot tub would be best suited to your needs and lifestyle.

Hot Tub Studio News & Views

Showroom Opening Update

From 1st June 2020, we will have new, and much longed for showroom opening times. We are very much looking forward to meeting with our customers and providing a face to face service to you again.

Hot Tub Studio News & Views

Echelon Connect Bike Partnership

Just before lockdown, HTS partnered with Echelon to bring you their wonderful Echelon Connect Bike, the EX3.

Hot Tub Studio News & Views

Hot Tub Finance - Buy Now Pay Later - 0% 3 years

We can now offer a hot tub finance package which will take all the current financial worry out of purchasing a hot tub and still offer the flexibility of spreading the payments over three years.

Hot Tub Studio News & Views

Hot Tubs Buy Now Pay 2021

For the first time ever, we are offering buy now pay 2021, as we understand you may have concerns about cash flow right now. You can choose any new Jacuzzi hot tub, place £100 deposit and not have to pay another penny until 2021, leaving your savings in your bank for the rest of the year.

Hot Tub Maintenance Advice

Hot Tubs and Coronavirus

With all the concern regarding COVID-19, you may be wondering whether it is safe to use your hot tub. Public Heath England have said “We have checked with our national leads who confirm that coronavirus would be inactivated at the levels of chlorine used in swimming pools.” Sanitiser levels are normally kept at higher levels than swimming pools, so you can rest assured that along with the ClearRay system, the sanitiser in your hot tub will keep your water safe.

Hot Tub Studio News & Views

March Jacuzzi Hot Tub Offers

March's Jacuzzi hot tub offers are focusing on an area close to my heart. This weekend I should have been running Tokyo Marathon, recovering for a few weeks, then heading out to Boston to complete my World Major Marathon's challenge.... Thanks to coronavirus, my dream is on hold and I face another 12 months of marathon training.

Hot Tub Special Offers and Sales

Digital Detox with our Winter Hot Tub Sale

February is known as the month of love - why not take a look at our ex-display hot tub sale and invest in a gift that will give you quality time with you and the people you love.

Hot Tub Buyers Guide Information

Hot Tub Running Costs

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is regarding hot tub running costs. Like a car, a hot tub is a big investment, and you need to make sure you have the available means to keep it running all year around.

Hot Tub Studio News & Views

Hot Tub January Sale

Hot Tub Special Offers and Sales

December Hot Tub and Accessory Sale

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, we have a wide range of bundles available to make sure you have Christmas all wrapped up.

Hot Tub Studio News & Views

Hot Tub Studio Oxfordshire is Moving

We have made the bold decision to move out of the garden centre in Bicester after 11 years. We thought long and hard about the pros and cons of being in the garden centre and decided, warmth, comfort and more space would provide our customers with a better overall experience. The new showroom has toilets, a shower, kitchen and most of all a fantastic private wet test area, where you will be able to test both the classic and power pro jets.