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Hot Tub Servicing and Repairs

We are able to offer a full hot tub servicing & repair facility for all Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Master Spas, Sapphire Spas and Olympic Spas. Our Technicians have all achieved Jacuzzi accreditation.

Hot Tub Annual Service

Our annual service package cost £250 within the CV, GL, HP,HR,MK NN & OX areas and includes the following:



Add pipe cleaner to flush pipework

Drain the water and vacuum out residue

Remove and clean headrests

Clean the acrylic shell

Clean the hot tub cabinet

Clean the thermal cover top and bottom

Clean the jets and jet housings

Clean the filters & filter tray or debris bag


Check hot tub acrylic for damage

Check cabinet for damage

Check jets for degradation

Check filters for degradation

Check functionality of pump

Check pump capacitors

Check pump seals

Check the functionality of the heater

Check heater element

Check heater seals

Check headrests

Check the operation of suctions and suction covers

Check the operation of the light

Check the light for damage

Check the pipes for damage

Check the filtration settings

Check the cover for degradation

Check the cover clips

Check the operation of the associated extras (ClearRay, Ozone, Music Systems etc)

Check the filter unit for leaks

Check the touchpad

Check the air controls and diverter valves

Check cover lifter operation

Check the frame of the hot tub

Check the drain valve of the hot tub


Treat vinyl covers with UV protection

Sanitise the hot tub water

Provide advice on water balance and remind of hot tub controls

Change the ClearRay bulb (optional extra)

Change the hot tub filters (optional extra)

Change debris net (optional extra)

Quarterly Water Change

It is recommended by BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) that the water in a hot tub is changed every 3 months for the average user. Heavy usage may require more frequent changes. Our quarterly water change package is £149 and includes the following.



Using swirl away to clean plumbing and pipes

Pump out the dirty water

Clean the filters and traps

Clean the spa shell and behind the head rests

Wash and protect the hot tub cover

Re-fill the hot tub

Check the filter cycles

10% Off Chemicals Supplied During Servicing

If you pre-order chemicals that can be delivered on the day of your hot tub servicing, you can benefit from a 10% discount.

Prices available within CV, GL, HP, HR, MK, NN & OX, please call us for prices in other areas.

For more information and to book your service, please contact us on 01869 327698 or via the contact form on our website.

For repairs to Jacuzzi hot tubs under warranty, please contact Jacuzzi directly by calling 0113 2727433.