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Jacuzzi® Swim Spas

With so many different ways of referencing a Swim Spa the marketplace can seem a little bewildering at times! Are they above ground swimming pools, endless pools, lap pools or fitness pools? The answer is that they are all of these and more, delivering a huge range of user benefits regardless of your fitness levels.

The perfect alternative to a swimming pool, our collection of swim spas have been designed to bring your swimming experience to life. Jacuzzi® swimspas provide you with industry-leading innovative features, whilst delivering the quality and service you would expect.

Not only does our collection of swim spas offer a fantastic swimming experience, they have also been carefully developed to provide the perfect aqua fitness centre, ideal for those who want to stay in shape or add water based strengthening or aerobic exercise into their training regime. All of our swim spas provide the perfect place to cool down after your workout, with a dedicated hydrotherapy seating area.

Compared to a swimming pool, our Jacuzzi swimspas require much less space in your home or garden. Despite the smaller footprint, they still provide even the strongest swimmer a fantastic swimming experience all year round.


All Jacuzzi® Swim Spas are fitted with the ClearStream filtration system, providing you with a clean and safe aquatic experience.


  • Located on either side of the swim spa
  • The flow directs debris and oils towards the side of the swimspa for removal by the dual skimmers
  • Increases flow rate of water to the pumps


  • Pulls debris off the surface of the water
  • Less time cleaning
  • More time swimming


  • Traps large debris before it gets to the pumps
  • Less time cleaning the filters
  • Extends cleaning cycles


  • 2 x 50 square foot filters
  • Easy to access
  • Out of contact and sight of the user


  • No Chlorine or Bromine smell
  • Mineral ions are neutral and don’t affect ph levels
  • Helps control algae/bacteria
  • Cuts chemical use in half
  • Plumbed in to your filtration system

Heat Management

Jacuzzi® doesn’t end when winter begins. They have been designed to be used 365 days a year. Here are some of the main features of the SwimLife™ swim spas.

Northern HeatSync Blanket

  • Reflects the waste heat from the pumps back into the swimspa
  • Increases insulation value
  • Decreases the need for the swim spa heater

High Temperature Surface Insulation

2lb closed cell foam on the shell of the swim spa Helps the swim tank retain heat Great r-value (the higher the r-value the greater the insulating power)

Stormshield Hardcover

  • Safety locks on all sides
  • Locks heat in and keeps cold out
  • Heavy duty tapered safety locking cover

Thermalmax Heat Retention

  • Creates a convection oven in the cabinet
  • Utilises the waste heat that motors create
  • Black plumbing pipes absorbs the heat created by swim spa motors

Thermalmax Vent

  • Lock in heat during the cooler months
  • Lets motors breathe in the warmer months
  • Maximises energy efficiency

Circuit Training

Aquatic circuit training is a fast-paced set of exercises in which you do one exercise for 30 seconds to 3 minutes and then move on to the next exercise. The circuits can alternate between aerobic activity with strength building exercises.

  1. Swim tank – cardio
  2. Seated knee tucks – strength
  3. Side wall abductor/adductor exercises and calf raises
  4. Step area for lateral step exercises
  5. Chest flies
  6. Chest press and low rows


There are three areas that make up a great hydrotherapy massage. The jets, the jet placement and the seating. The combination of these three aspects in our SwimLife swim spas are balanced perfectly.


  • Exclusive e-class jets use a perfect mix of air and water
  • Designed to give a balance of deep tissue and soft tissue massage


  • Designed to work different muscle groups
  • Arranged in a pattern to give superior hydrotherapy benefits


  • Multi-level seating for people of different heights
  • Recessed jetting