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Hot Tubs for Hotels & Holiday Villages

Jacuzzi Lodge Series Hot Tubs

The Lodge is a Jacuzzi® hot tub dedicated to holiday parks, glamping sites, hotels and holiday villages. In other words, it has been designed to be used frequently and in good company.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs for Holiday Homes

With Jacuzzi hot tubs being voted the number one status symbol in the UK, the desire to experience one is surely at an all time high. This being said, if you are looking for ways to increase the rates & utilisation of your holiday home, installing a Jacuzzi hot tub is worthy of consideration. Not only will customers be willing to pay more for the luxury of being able to soak in the soothing water, but it increases the seasonality of your business, as hot tubs are most widely known to be enjoyed in colder weather.

You may be a little worried about looking after a hot tub that will be used by hundreds of people a year, but it is very straightforward and once in a routine, will take a few minutes a day.

Jacuzzi® Lodge Hot Tubs

The Jacuzzi Lodge range of hot tubs are designed with Holiday Home owners in mind. They come in three different size options, each of which are easy to maintain; whilst providing the wow factor for your guests. All Jacuzzi Lodge hot tubs are compliant with HSE HSG282 Section 76.

Why chose Hot Tub Studio?

We offer holiday home and hotel owners a comprehensive package and a high level of committed customer service that we hope will provide you with peace of mind, including:

  • Full training on how to use & administer chemicals
  • Laminated user guide for guests
  • Mobile number for any questions or problems
  • Promotion through our blog and social media channels
  • Information on water safety membership