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Mar 22, 2016

New Jacuzzi® J-400™ Hot Tubs

If you are looking for a show stopping, all singing all dancing hot tub, then look no further than the new Jacuzzi J-400. Launched for the 2016 season, it has some very welcome features which make it even more simple to use and maintain. I will quickly run through some of the key changes for you.

New Jacuzzi J-400 hot tub features for 2016

If you put the 2015 & 2016 models side by side, you will notice two distinct changes. Jacuzzi J-400 touchpad top view The new full colour ProTouch™ top-side control panel gives the hot tub a distinctly professional look. ProTouch™ pairs wirelessly with your smart phone through the ProLink™ app. This means you can now change the temperature, check the life of your ClearRay bulb and adjust the jet functions from your desk at work. Pretty smart hey? Which brings me on seamlessly to the next feature of the Jacuzzi J-400 2016 model. The SmartAccess™ panel. Jacuzzi smart access Introduced into the Jacuzzi J-300 series hot tubs last year, the SmartAccess panel has made maintaining your Jacuzzi hot tub much simpler. You can now access the controllers, pumps and most importantly, the ClearRay™ bulb at the touch of a button. Saving you even more time and effort. The last noteworthy addition to the 2016 J-400 hot tub is the additional large PowerPro™ FX Jets. These jets rotate to deliver an intense hydrotherapy massage. Their distinct spiral action produces a vigorous massage to the larger muscles in your shoulders and back. I can honestly liken it to a deep sports massage. They really do release tight muscles. So there you have it, a brief introduction to the new Jacuzzi J-400 hot tub. If you would like more information, please contact us.
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