Jacuzzi® J-400™ Hot Tubs

The Jacuzzi® J-400™ series of hot tubs are spacious and offer more of those little extras that will make your hydrotherapy experience even more special. All J-400 hot tubs feature the exclusive BlueWave™ sound system,  ProTouch™ Top-side control with a full colour monitor & simple one touch menu to all functions, PowerPro™ Jets, ProStream™ filtration, ProClarity™ water management, SmartSeal™ insulation, ClearRay™ ozonator, TriFusion™ Shell, WaterColour™ waterfall, ProEndure™ cabinetry, ProClear™ skimmer, ProCatch™ polishing bag, ProPolymer™ ABS base & tastefully lit headrests and cup holders.  You can also opt for the brand new ProLink® Remote Monitoring.  You can be assured that the J-400 series have the best of over 60 years research and development.

Jacuzzi J-400 series hot tubs

ProTouch Top-Side Controls

The ProTouch™ top-side controls are new for 2016 and make controlling the Jacuzzi J-400 hot tub more simple than ever.  Once paired with the ProLink™ app, you can adjust the settings through your phone.

Advanced Filtration

ProClarity filtration system with grill, skimming weir and a ProClear pleated filter is teamed with the revolutionary ClearRay to ensure the hot tub water is crystal clear with minimum effort.

WaterColour Waterfall

The elevated, backlit waterfall is one of the first features you notice looking at a J-400 series hot tub.  It’s stunning – yet provides a soothing neck and shoulder massage when you sit underneath it.

Patented PowerPro Jets

The pulsating PX jets are found exclusively in J-400 series hot tubs. They provide a pulsating massage for your hands, wrists and calves – reliving pain and aiding relaxation.

Jacuzzi® J-495™

The ultimate hot tub for luxury and socialising.

How many seats 7-8 Seats


how many jets  62 Jets


2290 x 2790 x 1170mmhow big



Jacuzzi J-495
Jacuzzi J-480 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-480™

The best-selling J-400 series hot tub.

How many seats  6 Seats


how many jets  48 Jets


2390 x 2390 x 1120mmhow big



Jacuzzi® J-470™

Spacious all seater hot tub.

How many seats  6-7 Seats


how many jets  39 Jets


2310 x 2310 x 1120mmhow big



Jacuzzi J-470 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-465 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-465™

How many seats

5-6 Seats


how many jets  37 Jets


2240 x 2240 x 1090mmhow big



Jacuzzi® J-445™

How many seats

6 Seats


how many jets  46 Jets


2130 x 2130 x 1090mmhow big

Jacuzzi J-465 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-465 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-435™

How many seats

6 Seats


how many jets  48 Jets


2130 x 2130 x 1090mmhow big



Jacuzzi® J-425™

Spacious four seater hot tub.

How many seats  4 Seats


how many jets  27 Jets


2210 x 1930 x 990 mmhow big



Jacuzzi J-425 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-415™

How many seats  3 Seats


how many jets  21 Jets


1680 x 1930 x 810mmhow big

Jacuzzi J-415

The Jacuzzi® J-400™ collection of hot tubs breaks the mould in hot tub design, economy and hydrotherapy.

Advanced Hydrotherapy

  • Relaxation & stress relief
  • Quicker sports & injury recovery
  • Promotes the flow of endorphines


  • Peace of mind
  • Knowledgable technicians
  • Forward thinking customer services

Jacuzzi® History

  • Almost 60 years of innovation
  • The name that started the industry
  • Luxury features as standard

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