Jacuzzi® J-300™ Hot Tubs

With 8 hot tubs to choose from, the J-300 series of hot tubs by Jacuzzi® has something for everyone. Whether you need a 2 or 7 seater, integral lounger seats or headrests, we have a Jacuzzi™ J-300™ series hot tub to suit you. Fitted with Jacuzzi® patented PowerPro™ jets, all the J-300 hot tubs are guaranteed to deliver an experience that will stimulate, energise or relax you every single time. The ProClear™ water management system includes ProStream™ 24 hour circulation pump with silent operation, high volume floating skimmer and ClearRay™ UV technology.

The other patented and original features that you will find on the J-300 series are: WaterRainbow™ waterfall, ProTech™ control system & ProAir™ lounger seating – all adding up to an amazing hydrotherapy experience.

Every J-300 series hot tub comes with an easy to use control panel.  When you enter the hot tub you will see that the top mounted, LED backlit control panel is conveniently placed so that you can easily operate the controls when in the spa.  The ClearRay on demand button allows you to activate the additional sanitiser.  This will sanitise a minimum of 90% of the hot tub water within an hour, leaving you no mess.  The control panel also has one touch programming, allowing you to switch between Economy and Standard modes with one touch.

Jacuzzi J-400 series hot tubs


Water Rainbow® waterfall, with its curved edge creates a dramatic cascade of water, is easy to adjust with the ergonomic control still adding to the calming effect and visual beauty of your hot tub.

ClearRay on demand


CLEARRAY On-Demand allows you to push the On-Demand button anytime for extra sanitation.

ProLites LED Lighting

Illuminates the hot tub from the bottom to the top with underwater lighting, lit headrests and beverage holders.  All of which change colour together to set the mood and create a dramatic look.

Patented PowerPro Jets

Over 50 years of hydro-jet development has created a collection of jets which provide users with a superior and versatile massage for greater comfort and more enjoyment.

Jacuzzi® J-385™

The popular hot tub for luxury and socialising.

How many seats6-7 Seats

how many jets  49 Jets

2310 x 2310 x 970mm

how big

Jacuzzi J-385
Jacuzzi J-375 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-375™

Spacious 6 seater Jacuzzi hot tub.

How many seats  6 Seats

how many jets  50 Jets

2310 x 2310 x 970mmhow big

Jacuzzi® J-365™

Spacious all seater hot tub.

How many seats  6-7 Seats

how many jets  45 Jets

2310 x 2140 x 970mmhow big

Jacuzzi J-365 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-355 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-355™

How many seats

5-6 Seats

how many jets  42 Jets

2310 x 2140 x 970mmhow big

Jacuzzi® J-345™

Popular 5-6 seater hot tub.

How many seats  5-6 Seats

how many jets  40 Jets

2140 x 2140 x 920 mmhow big

Jacuzzi J-345 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-335

Jacuzzi® J-335™

How many seats  4-5 Seats

how many jets  42 Jets

2140 x 2140 x 920mmhow big

Jacuzzi® J-325™

Spacious 4 seater hot tub.

How many seats  4 Seats

how many jets  21 Jets

1930 x 2140 x 870 mmhow big

Jacuzzi J-325 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-315

Jacuzzi® J-315™

How many seats  3 Seats

how many jets  21 Jets

1930 x 1680 x 810mmhow big


The Jacuzzi® J-300™ collection of hot tubs are mid-range hot tubs with hi-end range features.


Advanced Hydrotherapy

  • Relaxation & stress relief
  • Quicker sports & injury recovery
  • Promotes the flow of endorphines


  • Peace of mind
  • Knowledgable technicians
  • Forward thinking customer services

Jacuzzi® History

  • Almost 60 years of innovation
  • The name that started the industry
  • Luxury features as standard

Jacuzzi J-300 Promotional Video

When Jacuzzi launched the new Jacuzzi J-300 series, they produced this promotional video. It gives you some idea as to the power and unique styling of the hot tub range.

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