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Aug 27, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday Delivering Skye's Hot Tub Wish

A year ago today my life was changed. I parked my car in a normal road, in a normal town, to help deliver a normal Jacuzzi hot tub. But this was not a normal hot tub delivery. We were delivering Skye's hot tub wish. I had the feeling on the previous afternoon this was going to be a team effort. The electrics and base for the hot tub had not been installed and the side access was too narrow for the hot tub to fit down. Having a brother with an electrical contracting company came in very handy and Jimmy (the gentleman who contacted me) had a team from Ley Community to put the base down. All we had to do was get Skye's hot tub wish into his garden. It was not easy! getting Skye's hot tub wish into the garden Skye came out to make sure we were doing it right. I was fortunate enough to be invited into the Hall's home. My goodness I had never met a five year old boy with more determination, humour and courage than Skye. I chatted to Sally and Andrew and played with Skye and Jesse. Everyone who volunteered their time on 27th August 2014 to help install Skye's hot tub wish were visibly moved by his story. This a photo of the Hall family on holiday at the beginning on 2013..... The Hall family .....A few short months before finding out their eldest son Skye had a Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumour (Brain Tumour). In fact he was diagnosed on 27th August 2013 - two years ago today! The aggressive treatment he received cured him of his brain tumour, but he developed radio-chemo neurotoxicity which destroyed his brain matter. He passed away on 29th August 2014 - two days after we delivered his hot tub wish. Skye did enjoy the hot tub. Sally and Andrew kindly sent us this precious video. Thank you from the Hall family What can you say? What can you do? This is a video of Skye's final words to his fans. "Make the most of what you've got" is the answer. Blue Skye Thinking is given £5 for every hot tub we sell. I am currently 9 months in to running 500 miles in 2015 to raise money and awareness for Blue Skye Thinking. These things seem very insignificant, but they have helped raise enough money to employ a full time researcher into the treatment and causes of childhood brain tumours. Blue Skye Thinking also smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest loom band in Skye's honour. When striping off my running vest after my run on Tuesday, I noticed this for the first time. You rock I don't find running easy. I'm in no way a natural. Every run I find an effort to complete. But I can run. I have two working legs and my Blue Skye Thinking running vest. This moved me to tears! Skye left a message for us all to remember. hot tub wish Lisa x
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