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Oct 07, 2015

Winter hot tub maintenance tips and draining guide

With the leaves changing colour and the evenings drawing in, I know there are some of you who are excited to be able to get out in your garden & enjoy your hot tub in the winter months. However, we also know there are some of you who would prefer not use it now until the spring.

Whichever category you fall into, here is a winter hot tub maintenance guide to make sure your hot tub withstands the British winter.

Winter hot tub maintenance

Frozen Pipes

Frozen shut off valve

Please remember that whatever you do, do not switch your hot tub off with water in it (or without it being drained out properly) as there is potential for the spa to freeze during periods of prolonged cold weather. If water freezes in your Jacuzzi there is danger of damage to the components due to the expansion of water as it turns to ice. Manufacturers warranties will not cover frost damage.

So, how can you avoid frozen pipes? If you are not going to be using your hot tub for 2 weeks or less, we recommend simply turning the set temperature down to 15c. That way the spa will still filter & if additional sanitiser, in the form of slow release chlorine or bromine tablets are added, the water will be safe upon your return. However; if you are not planning to use your hot tub for a longer period and want to drain the water out, please follow these steps:

Draining Your Spa for Winter

1. Open all jets, shut off valves & ozone taps to prevent water being trapped in the pipework

2. Set diverter valves to the mid position

3. Drain the hot tub using the built in drain valve and leave it open

4. As the spa is draining, scoop water out of the seats into the footwell to avoid puddles being left in the spa.

loosen the controller valves

5. Once the Jacuzzi has drained, use a sponge to remove any remaining water.

6. If possible open the front of the hot tub and loosen the unions on the pump & controller in order to drain as much water as possible.

7. During the period where the spa is left empty, it is important to regularly remove any water that has collected in the spa with a sponge. If water freezes inside the spa, it can cause blistering to the acrylic surface.

Blistered acrylic

Blistered acrylic

If you are planning to continue to use your hot tub throughout the winter, it doesn't really need any extra winter hot tub maintenance than you are already doing, apart from the jacuzzi cover:

Looking after your spa cover

snow on cover

Your hot tub cover can withstand a large amount of fresh snowfall; however, we highly recommend removing as often as possible to reduce a build up. Please do not try and open your hot tub cover whilst it has snow on it.

If snow is allowed to partially melt and re-freeze, a significant weight of ice can build up on the cover & this could cause the cover to fail.

Frost Damaged Cover

Frost Damaged Hot Tub Cover

If the cover has already failed, water will freeze in the puddles and it should be replaced as soon as possible. Please call us on 01869 327698 for a quotation for a new cover.

PLEASE NOTE: This winter hot tub maintenance guide provides precautions which will help reduce the chances of damage to your hot tub if it is drained during the winter; however, we cannot guarantee damage will not occur during extremely cold weather. Our advice would always be, not to drain your spa during the winter.

If you require any clarification or have any questions regarding taking care of your hot tub in the winter time, have any questions about chemical usage or for any other problems that you have, please call us on 01869 327698 where we will only be too happy to help you.

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