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Feb 28, 2015

Restarting your hot tub after winter

Although we hope you have had enjoyable times in your hot tub over this winter period, we know that some customers prefer not to venture out when it's cold and miserable. Here is our guide on restarting your hot tub after winter. If after reading our guide, you feel you would prefer for us to come out and perform the restart for you, please contact us to arrange an appointment for our engineers to come out.

Restarting your hot tub after winter

Things you may need to use: ~ Hosepipe ~ Soft Cloth ~ Chemicals - Chlorine / Bromine / Aquafinesse & Shock Treatment ~ New Filters (Optional) ~ Hot Tub Cover Treatment (Optional) ~ Cabinet Stain (Optional & for real wood cabinet only) When your hot tub hasn't been used for sometime, it is well worth spending some time wiping the acrylic surface over to rid it of any dust or dirt, before you start refilling your hot tub back up; please pay special attention to the areas behind the headrests & if possible, remove each jet and wipe behind the jet housing - this is also a good opportunity to check for any damage or degradation to the jets. hot tub controllerOnce the surface is clean, check that the drain valve is closed and the unions either side of the controller are tight. It is now time to install the clean hot tub filters. If the filters are over 1 year old and are looking a little past their best, it might be worth investing in a new set. Old filters do not work quite as well as they did when they were first new and this can alter their ability to keep the water as clean as you remember. filling hot tub through filtersIt is now time to fill your hot tub with water from your hosepipe. To prevent airlocks, we recommend refilling your hot tub through the filters. If your hot tub has been empty during periods of low temperatures, it is advisable to remove the panels from your hot tub as it is filling, to check for any frost damage to the pipes or jet housings. If you discover any frost damage, please take some photographs, note where the leak is coming from and contact us for advice. Once the water has reached the top set of jets, you can turn the power back on. Use your normal chemicals to sanitise the water. We do recommend using the shock treatment, as some water may have rested in the pipes & the shock treatment will rid the spa of any bacteria. Once the water is up to temperature and the sanitiser levels are OK, check the pH levels and balance accordingly. If you have a Sapphire Spa with a genuine cedar cabinet, you may wish to use this opportunity to re-stain the cabinet to keep it in tip top condition. You can use any red cedar stain for fences and sheds, or teak oil - do not use varnish. It is also a good time to treat your hot tub cover, as this will help to prolong it's life. All chemicals can be purchased from our showrooms, or by calling us on 02476 639147 - this is also the number to call if you have any questions.
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