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Mar 01, 2015

Recommendation from Mr Bridgeman (customer for 11 years)

It is lovely to receive emails from our customers, especially when we have been of service since our formation. Mr Bridgeman took the time to write to us with his recommendation.

I ride motorbikes a LOT' of the time, and as is her right, my wife considered it time for her have some self indulgences; she fancied the thought of being outside on a cold star lit night and being comfortable and warm lazing back in a bubbly hot tub.

This was totally fare, so we made inquiries locally at a potential purchase only to be very surprised at the overall package costs; purchase, delivery, installation, maintenance and running costs, of such an unessential now essential commodity, and they were significantly more than I was willing to pay.

Now, being a Scott and reasonably handy, I considered that this project could be undertaken and commissioned by myself. So, I set about searching the market looking for a good deal on a 'hot tub'. I soon discovered the negotiations narrowing down to Sapphire Spas. The level of practical, logical and 'no bullshit' advice completely won me over and though many miles apart, a rapper, trust and confidence was established by the manner the staff conducted themselves.

I did collect the tub personally from their premises, and after some coaching and guidance I fitted and installed the tub myself. Although I would emphasis that qualified plumbing and electrics are involved, this type of installation is not for everyone who is not suitably qualified or adept.

Since then the tub has run perfectly for now 11 years. There has been of course minor problems throughout; perishing of the cover which was replaced, a few minor leaks at the jets, deterioration of some of the jets and a replaced mechanical seal on the pump. All of these defects were referred to Sapphire Spas who responded with their usual helpful advice and recommendations, provided the parts necessary and ensured all was correct on completion.

I am totally satisfied with the products, service, advice, assistance and continued customer care Sapphire Spas provide. I would thoroughly recommend them above everyone else on the market. They have saved me an inordinate amount of expense on nugatory items and services, and allowed my wife to indulge in a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable activity.