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Oct 01, 2018

October's Hot Tub Special Offer 2018

Embrace the change of season

The colder months can leave you longing for the opportunity to get back outside. With a Jacuzzi hot tub in your garden, you can look up into the evening skies, breathe the crisp air and slip into the warmth and comfort of your very own ultimate outdoor indulgence; whatever the weather dishes up.

We have a wonderful Jacuzzi hot tub special offer this month.

October's Hot Tub Special Offer

There is no doubting, theJacuzzi J-480 hot tub has yet again been one of our best-selling hot tubs for 2018. The award winning design and features have exceeded expectations and delighted our customers.

We are offering our ex-display Jacuzzi J-480 hot tubs at an amazing price. We only have six hot tubs available at this price, so please get in contact with us ASAP to make sure you secure yours.

Jacuzzi® J-480

Lounger & Five Seats

52 PowerPro™ Jets

Bluetooth Stereo System

ClearRay™ Water Management

239 x 239 x 122cm

32 AMP Supply

RRP £16,999

Delivery Pack £500

TOTAL £17,499

Discount £3,000

Ex-Display Price £14,499

Our ex-display Jacuzzi J-480 hot tubs can be purchased in either Midnight/ Driftwood or Platinum/ Driftwood. All have the Black ProLast™ thermal covers.

The delivery pack includes delivery, installation, commissioning, cover lifter, steps and chemical starter pack.

Just to confirm, there are ONLY SIX hot tubs available at this price. Please contact your nearest showroom for more details.

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