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Mar 14, 2015

New Jacuzzi J-500 Hot Tub

In the 10 years I have been part of the hot tub industry, I do not think I've ever been as excited about a hot tub launch, as I was the Jacuzzi J-500. They do not look anything like your regular hot tub. I know I've said it before regarding the Jacuzzi J-300 and J-400 series. They both have unique styling and features, but the Jacuzzi J-500 hot tubs look like designer garden furniture, with or without the cover on - there are not many hot tubs you can say that about. Corner profile of J-500 The first thing you notice when looking at the J-500 is the modern lighting in the corners of the hot tub cabinet. They define it's modern curves. You can of course turn the lighting off, make them brighter, dimmer and even set them to come on in the evenings. They're not going to cost the earth to keep lit either. A single LED is reflected up the complete height of the hot tub skirt. On closer inspection, the Curvalex™ cabinet will leave you amazed. There are no external fixings to detract your eyes away from the rattan effect, weatherproof, maintenance free skirt - creating a seamless look. Jacuzzi J-500Moving your eyes up, you will notice the crisp, curved profile of the hot tub. The chunky, flat edge accentuates the feeling of quality and luxury. OK so if you've got close enough, you will have been drawn to the ProEdge™ strip lighting illuminating the hot tub and probably haven't noticed the edge - but I urge you to step back and take note.... now you can look at the lighting. You may want to turn the sound down to watch this short video - the music is rather scary - but it will definitely demonstrate the unique way this beautiful hot tub is lit. What do you think? What the video doesn't show is the versatility of the interior lighting. The ProEdge™ lighting can work in sync with the underwater light and lit waterfalls, or they can all emit a different colour. You can chose from three brightness levels, seven different colours or even four mood setting chromotherapy options - Glow, Fun, Party and Chill.

Hot Tub Technology

Even though Jacuzzi are the leaders in hydrotherapy innovation, they have been somewhat behind when it comes to integrating technology into their hot tubs. This has been corrected with the Jacuzzi J-500. J500 technology touchpadThe touchpad controls on the Jacuzzi J-500 uses the same touchscreen technology as a smartphone - glass screen, ability to scroll through features and easy selection. At the time of writing, the Jacuzzi J-500 is the only hot tub to have this level of touchscreen control, making it the easiest to use on the market. The touchpad can be seen from inside the hot tub as well, but touching the flip button. The controls can be locked - even from your smartphone... ...yes, if you suspect your teenage child is about to throw a party, you can lock your hot tub remotely from your mobile phone. The ProLink™ app allows you to control and monitor your hot tub whilst you are sat at your desk at work. It will even contact your Jacuzzi retailer and inform them of any problems with it, without you needing to pick a phone up. Clever hey? As you would expect, the Jacuzzi J-500 has a sound system installed to help transport you away from the stresses of the world. The Bluetooth capability has a 30 foot range, giving you the option of leaving your smart phone in the house, while you control it from the touchpad. The spa has four powerful speakers and a subwoofer, providing a clear, crisp sound experience.


Jacuzzi J575 hydrotherapy lounger seatJacuzzi have moved their famous hydrotherapy to another level with the J500 hot tubs. The high-volume, low pressure jetting system sets Jacuzzi apart from the rest of the industry, with the PowerPro® jets. OK these jets are in the J-300 & J-400 series hot tubs too, but the J500 adds targeted hip massage. The new FX medium jet, delivers a deep, spiralling massage to the hip area, releasing tension and bringing pain relief - perfect for after a long run - I really need this hot tub! Like the other Jacuzzi hot tubs with PowerPro jets, the J500 invites you to travel around each therapy seat. It is said to leave you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. I cannot wait to try it out for myself! If you cannot wait either, it won't be long before our display J-575 model arrives to the Ryton-On-Dunsmore showroom. If you would like to be informed when it arrives, drop us an email and we will let you know.
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