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Feb 28, 2020

March Jacuzzi Hot Tub Offers

Marathon training recovery

March's Jacuzzi hot tub offers are focusing on an area close to my heart. This weekend I should have been running Tokyo Marathon, recovering for a few weeks, then heading out to Boston to complete my World Major Marathon's challenge.... Thanks to coronavirus, my dream is on hold and I face another 12 months of marathon training.

Running recovery

My 6 Star Dream as at January 2020! Came crashing down with the cancellation of Tokyo Marathon.

Having already completed four marathons, I've learned quite a bit about running, running nutrition and how best to recover after a run to be able to start the next run on the programme without wanting to die. OK I lie, sometimes I still feel like I am dying, but that is half the battle when it comes to running!

Somehow over the last 4 years, I've inspired others to lace up and give running a try. When you start running, your mind is filled with so many questions about trainers and plans and food; lots of which is trial and error. One thing that is fairly simple is recovery. With Spring marathon season approaching and most people taking part will be running longer and longer distances each week, I thought I would focus on it. Recovery advice doesn't really change from person to person. After a long run, everyone needs to eat a good mixture of carbohydrate and protein and rehydrate within 30 minutes. Doing so will really help your body to recover and begin repairing. It doesn't need to be a massive meal, sometimes just a simple glass of chocolate milk, or I like toast, humous and a cup of tea - then for the nice part - a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

Hot or Cold

I could pull articles off the internet to support both arguments as to whether a hot bath or cold bath is best for recovery. Personally, at the level I run at (which if you are interested is 6 runs a week, 2x strength training sessions with a cumulative peak mileage weeks at around 55 miles) there is very little benefit in jumping in to an ice bath after my long run. In fact, the thought of it would probably stop me ever finishing it! On the other hand, when I'm struggling during those last few miles, picturing myself relaxing in my hot tub, really helps me dig deep. I find the hot water and massage jets relax my shoulders, release the tension in my back and sooth my legs and feet. No matter how far I have run, I can carry on with the rest of the day without feeling like the tin man.

One thing I would say is make sure you've eaten, hydrated and allowed your muscles to cool down a little first. Believe me when I say jumping in straight away after running 16 miles can leave you feeling pretty rough! And this article in the NY Times agrees with my findings. (See you can find something on the internet to back up any of your beliefs nowadays!!)

Jacuzzi hot tub offers

Whether you have a sporting goal or not, we have some fabulous Jacuzzi hot tub offers for you this month. You could own your own relaxing haven for the cost of a Sky TV subscription.

Jacuzzi J-225

You can own a brand new Jacuzzi J-225 hot tub for the price of your Sky TV subscription each month - and believe me, it can be a hell of a lot more entertaining!

Here are the details:

RRP: £5,749
FREE delivery pack worth £500
£100 deposit
48 monthly payments: £117.69
Total to pay £5,749

Jacuzzi J-335IP

If the wonderful PowerPro jets have won you over, how about saving £2,000?

Here are the details:

RRP Pack Price: £11,499
Ex-Display Discount: -£2,000
Deposit: £1,000
48 monthly payments of £177.06
Total Payable: £9,499

SwimExpert 17

Don't let injury stop your training. Invest in a personal aquatic gym, certain to keep all the family entertained.

Here are the details:

RRP: £31,999
Ex-Demo Discount: £10,000
Total Payable: £21,999

I must point out, delivery is not included with our swim spas. They are big and need specialist transportation and a crane to lift it in to place. We work with local companies to keep these costs as low as possible. All of our special offers can be found here.

If you would like to know more or to wet test our Jacuzzi hot tubs or Swim Spa, please contact one of our showrooms. Whatever you are training for, even if it is getting through the week without opening a bottle of wine before 7pm, we wish you good luck!

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