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May 29, 2015

Leaving my hot tub for a week or two.

However much you may want to take your hot tub with you on holiday, the sad fact is, the airlines say they are too big for hand luggage. I am going away soon and believe it or not, I will be leaving my hot tub for a week at home! So how do you safely leave your hot tub for a week or two? Here is what I do. After I have used the hot tub for the last time before I depart, I turn the temperature down to it's minimum setting. Not only does this help save on heating, it is a brilliant deterrent for unwanted hot tub parties. I then place my regular weekly amount of chlorine tablets into the floating dispenser. This will keep the water sanitised while you are away. Make sure the cover clips are secure, and if your hot tub is in a windy location, place something on the top to stop it from taking off. If you are planning to leave your hot tub drained while you are away. It is worth adding some swirl away to the water before you drain it. This will clean the pipes out. We do not recommend leaving your hot tub empty in cold weather, as the pipes could freeze. It is honestly that simple. You can now safely leave your hot tub ready for your return. Have a wonderful holiday!
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