Hot Tub Manuals

We understand that hot tub manuals can sometimes go a drift when you need them the most.  Here you can download a PDF version of your hot tub manual for all Sapphire Spas and Olympic Spas hot tubs – we’ve even provided a link to Jacuzzi hot tubs where you can request or download your manual there too – easy hey?

If you need any help with remembering the make and model of your spa, give us a call and we will help you out

SP750 User GuideSapphire Spas Hot Tub User Manuals

 Coral Sands SP500 User Guide
 Coral Sands SP600 User Guide
 Coral Sands, Sunset Beach, Palm Island SP601 User Guide
 Coral Sands, Emerald Escape SP750 User Guide
 Coral Sands, Sunset Beach, Palm Island, Emerald Escape, Paradise Springs,
Kingston, Montego Bay
SP800 User Guide
 Emerald Escape, Kingston, Paradise Springs, Montego Bay SP1000 User Guide
 Emerald Escape, Paradise Springs, Montego Bay, Victoria Falls SP1200 User Guide
 Victoria Falls Gecko User Manual

Olympic Spas User Manuals

Please chose the touchpad which corresponds with the touchpad on the topside of your hot tub.


Rio, Paris, Montreal, London, RomeBalboa 4 button  Olympic Spa (Four Button) Manual
 Rome, Athens, Atlanta, Barcelonabalboa 7 button  Olympic Spa (Seven Button) Manual

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Manuals

All Jacuzzi hot tub user manuals can be found and downloaded from the link below