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May 07, 2015

How we install a hot tub

If you have ever wondered how a hot tub is installed, you've come to the right blog post. It's not very often I have the pleasure to go out and "help" install a hot tub, but on 4th May 2014, Keith and I travelled with our boys to install a hot tub into Coombe Mill Farm in Cornwall. This provided me with the perfect opportunity to take some photographs. Arriving on location with hot tub trailer We have several vehicles in which your hot tub may arrive on - the truck, flat bed trailer or the spa dolly. When we set out on this adventure, Keith knew that I would be about as helpful at lifting as a soggy bag of chips, so chose the spa dolly truck. I have to say, I had not seen it in action before - which made me even more useless :) Luckily we had some helping hands and under the guidance of Keith, the hot tub was soon upright and ready to move into location. Taking trailer off car The side passage leading to the rear patio at Tree Roots had been designed to accommodate the hot tub. This lead to a few tweakings as the hot tub was squeezed through the gap without damaging the newly laid slate patio slabs. will the hot tub fit Once the hot tub is near it's resting place, the heavy job of laying it down is needed. The last time I "helped" lay a hot tub down, I let it go on my foot and had a funny turn - so you can imagine, Keith really didn't want my help when there were 3 other strapping young men to lend a hand. laying the hot tub down We like to make sure the hot tubs are well protected when in transit, it can be quite a job unwrapping them. This hot tub took a little more unpacking than normal, as it had a few goodies inside to take out first. It is amazing to see the owners faces when the hot tub is finally revealed. Unwrapped hot tub Once the hot tub is in position we can begin filling it up with water. This can take some time, but provides us with plenty of time to connect it to your electricity supply and mount any accessories like cover lifters or rails. Little J was adamant he was going to help Daddy. It can be quite difficult to give a 2 year old jobs to keep them busy without destroying all your hard work. helping hands Here is the finished hot tub. What makes this installation so special is that we know it is going to be a memory maker for everyone who stays in Tree Roots. To me, life is about memories and drawing on the good ones when life deals you with some hard times. I know for certain, the memories we have made whilst staying at Coombe Mill will be remembered for a long time. installed hot tub We had a little break in between finishing the installation and explaining how to use the hot tub and chemicals, to ride on the train; during which I left my camera - epic fail on completing the photo diary! Not to worry, we will soon have video diaries of how to use the different hot tubs and chemicals - watch this space. In the meantime, here are some of the tweets from Coombe Mill once the hot tub was up and running.
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