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Apr 28, 2015

How much it costs to run a hot tub?

Having been in the hot tub industry for 10 years, I often neglect the basic facts surrounding owning a hot tub, sorry. Many people are pleasantly surprised when I tell them how much it costs to run a hot tub and how easy they are to maintain. With a busy life myself, I try to keep things simple.

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How much does a hot tub cost to run?

In my experience a well-made hot tub costs around £1 a day to run - this is averaged across the whole year and takes into account 4 water changes (I will get onto this in a while), using the hot tub for around 30 minutes 3 times a week and following basic routine maintenance. Some hot tubs are better insulated than others, but most reputable hot tubs have insulated bases and acrylic. Apart from heating from cold, energy is used most when you are using it. A good quality thermal cover will keep the heat in for the rest of the time.

How do you look after a hot tub?

Looking after your hot tub and performing easy weekly maintenance, will help to keep energy bills lower. You're probably aware already you need chemicals to keep the water sanitised. These come in the form of either chlorine or bromine. The easiest choice by far is slow release tablets. For me, I add 3 tablets to my floating dispenser once a week and this keeps the water at the right balance. The chemicals to keep your water sanitised will cost around £100 per year for Chlorine or Bromine. Sanitiser alternatives, such as Aquafinesse do increase this total.

When I add the chlorine tablets, I quickly take the filters out, rinse them off with the hose pipe and put them back in. (Make sure the pumps are not running when you take them out.) Keeping the filters clean helps the hot tub stay clean and use less energy and sanitiser - they won't have to work as hard. That is about it for weekly maintenance.

How many times do you change the water?

We recommend changing the water every 3 months. Hot tubs hold around 1,200 litres of water, the cost of replacing the water in your hot tub will vary according to your water rate. You can drain the water through the hot tubs drain valve or by using a submersible pump. Using a submersible pump will decrease the drain time significantly. In my opinion, it is a worthy investment of around £60. When the hot tub has drained, wipe the surface of the hot tub with a soft cloth, soak the filters in filter clean solution, clean behind the headrests and finally refill. It's always a good idea to check the drain valve is closed before you start filling. It honestly is as easy and straight-forward as that. Oh, once a year I treat my cover to protect it from UV and weather damage. This takes about 20 minutes.

Hot Tub Filters

Most hot tub filters have a lifespan of around 12-18 months. Some Jacuzzi hot tubs have a small filter, which will need replacing at each water change. The cost of replacement filters varies greatly with each model of hot tub. Some hot tub filters cost £35 to replace, others considerably more. It is well worth asking how much replacement filters will be before you commit to buying your chosen hot tub. It is something hot tub retailers often forget to point out - myself included - there is often a vast amount of information to tell a customer, things can get overlooked.

Jacuzzi ClearRay Bulb

If you own a Jacuzzi hot tub fitted with a ClearRay Bulb, every 12 months you will notice blb flash up on your control panel. This is warning you it's time to change your ClearRay bulb. These cost £56 to replace. We have made a short video on how to change the ClearRay bulb - please excuse the sound quality - we are working on improving our video skills!

If you keep on top of maintaining the hot tub, it is very simple to look after. In reality it doesn't cost the earth to run and provides many hours of enjoyment.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about any of the points in the blog further, please drop us a line on 02476 639147 or contact us. We'd be happy to help :)

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