Jacuzzi® J-200™ Hot Tubs

The Jacuzzi® J-200™ series of hot tubs are the classic choice. It includes the only round Jacuzzi hot tub with its central whirlpool jet. Focusing on luxury, comfort and premium Jacuzzi quality, the J-200 hot tubs are brilliant value for money. The J-200 hot tubs have been designed to help you enjoy an affordable, unsurpassable hydrotherapy experience.

All J-200 series hot tubs are built with the TriFusion™ acrylic and have ClearRay™ fitted as standard.  Excluding the J-210, the perimeter LED lighting gives the hot tubs a spectacular appearance, sit underneath the waterfall and enjoy the twinkling lights around you.  You can also choose to add the BlueWave™ audio system for a truly relaxing experience.

Jacuzzi J-200 series hot tubs

Tri-Fusion Acrylic

TriFusion uses a proprietary acrylic, vinylester, and polyester laminate process that makes every Jacuzzi hot tub shell eight times stronger than ordinary fiberglass hot tub shells.


CLEARRAY Water Purification system treats water using exclusive UV-C technology, which means no gas, chemical, or other by-products are added to the water or produced as a result.

BlueWave Stereo Option

The optional innovative BLUEWAVE spa stereo system allows you to access the playlists on your mobile device with the Bluetooth® audio and AUX input.

Classic Stainless Steel Jets

The stainless steel jet face plates add a refined elegance to your Jacuzzi® hot tub. The face plates enhance the natural beauty of water and create beautiful reflection of the LED lighting colours.

Jacuzzi® J-280™

The ultimate hot tub for luxury and socialising.

How many seats6-7 Seats


how many jets  44 Jets


2290 x 2290 x 940mmhow big



Jacuzzi J-280
Jacuzzi J-275 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-275™

Spacious “classic” all seater Jacuzzi.

How many seats  6-7 Seats


how many jets  45 Jets


2290 x 2290 x 940mmhow big



Jacuzzi® J-245IP™



How many seats  5-6 Seats


how many jets  35 Jets


2140 x 2140 x 920mmhow big




Jacuzzi J-245 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-245 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-245™



How many seats  5-6 Seats


how many jets  35 Jets


2140 x 2140 x 920mmhow big




Jacuzzi® J-235IP™


How many seats

5-6 Seats


how many jets  35 Jets


2140 x 2140 x 920mmhow big




Jacuzzi J-235 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-225 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-225™

How many seats

4-5 Seats

how many jets  23 Jets

2130 x 1930 x 870mmhow big

Jacuzzi® J-215™

How many seats

3 Seats


how many jets  19 Jets


1930 x 1680 x 810mmhow big

Jacuzzi J-215 hot tub
Jacuzzi J-210 hot tub

Jacuzzi® J-210™


Jacuzzi’s only round hot tub.

How many seats  4 Seats


how many jets  19 Jets


1980 x 910 mmhow big





The Jacuzzi® J-200™ collection of hot tubs are classical in design, yet deliver a modern hydrotherapy experience.


Advanced Hydrotherapy

  • Relaxation & stress relief
  • Quicker sports & injury recovery
  • Promotes the flow of endorphines


  • Peace of mind
  • Knowledgable technicians
  • Forward thinking customer services

Jacuzzi® History

  • Almost 60 years of innovation
  • The name that started the industry
  • Luxury features as standard

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