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Jul 01, 2019

Happy 15th Birthday Hot Tub Studio

Thank you for a great 15 years

On 1st July 2004, our first container of six Sapphire Spa hot tubs arrived with us from Australia. Gosh what a journey and leap of faith it has been. Every year we reflect back with gratitude at the number of amazing customers, suppliers and colleagues we have the pleasure to work with. For some reason, reaching the 15th milestone seems some what more remarkable. In the internet era, it is so easy to shop around for the best price, to way up your options from your sofa and to read (what you hope are honest) reviews from your smartphone. Thank you for choosing us.

Fifteen years ago, "google it" wasn't the go to reference for every eventuality. Fifteen years ago I couldn't even send a photo on my mobile, now I can just about do anything I want from it (even turn the jets of my hot tub on!).

Maybe that is why owning a hot tub has grown in popularity. It's not a great idea to take your smartphone in the hot tub with you, unless you want it to spend the next week in a bowl of rice sat in your airing cupboard. "I was in the hot tub" is my favourite 'excuse' for not replying instantly to an email. Hot tubs take you away from the world, soothe your aching muscles, warm your frozen bones and relax your busy mind helping you to sleep better, feel warmer and perform stronger.

Hot Tub Studio's Memorable Moments

In a fifteen year period, there are many moments which we look back on with smiles on our faces. Like when one of our delivery drivers tried to drive through a drive in with a hot tub stood up on the back of the truck - he must have been pretty hangry right?!

We have three successful showrooms, we've delivered over 3,000 hot tubs, we've apparently saved a large number of marriages and helped people find relief from their long term medical conditions - these fill us with joy and make the endless hours of hard work worth it.

Some moments will stay with us forever.

Skye's Hot Tub Wish

Delivering Skye Hall's hot tub wish is a day I will never forget. I had been contacted by someone I knew through a networking group I belonged to. A friend of his friend had a little boy who was desperate to swim again, but couldn't as he was too poorly to do so in a public swimming pool.

Skye was an amazing 5 year old boy, who was wise way beyond his years. He had been given a treatment protocol for his brain tumour, which basically killed his brain. He didn't give up though. He wanted to make a loom band long enough to reach the moon to raise money and awareness for safer treatments for childhood brain tumour - something which is chronically underfunded. If you ever visit the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, make sure you visit the atrium where you can turn the loom band cogs, installed in memory of Skye and his Guinness World Record.

We arrived at The Hall's house to what can only be described as DIY SOS without the BBC. It really was an epic job to lay the base, have the electrics installed and lift the hot tub over two neighbours fences, just to get it in to the garden.

The following day, when the water was warm enough, Skye got his wish to swim again. His mum Sally said how relaxed and peaceful he was in the hot tub.

The following day on August 29th 2014, Skye passed away. His final words to his fans were "make the most of what you've got!" Something we have strived to do ever since.

Our Rugby Players

Nathan Hughes

England & Wasps rugby star Nathan, brought his Jacuzzi hot tub to help him to rehabilitate from injury. His instagram post made us smile. It says "First week with the ultimate man gift and working a treat for my rehab."

Brad Shields

England & Wasps Rugby player Brad Shields saw Nathan's hot tub and wanted one for his own family and recovery.

Dan Robson

England & Wasps Rugby player Dan Robson has found his sleep has improved greatly on the days he uses his hot tub.

Our Customers

Without you all, we wouldn't be where we are today. We don't always get it right first time, but we will always try. As a thank you for your loyal custom, you can enjoy 10% off all chemicals and accessories during the month of July.

For now I will leave you will a very small selection of the wonderful hot tubs we have delivered and thank you again for your support over the years.

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