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Apr 21, 2015

Frequently asked questions when buying a hot tub

Sometimes it can seem daunting to ask questions face to face. I know when I am buying something, I don't want the sales person to think I'm stupid, so often do not ask the most basic questions. I hope no one ever feels they cannot ask us questions when they visit our showroom - in fact, I know they don't - but just in case you are a little shy, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when buying a hot tub.

How much does a hot tub cost to run?

In the UK, it is not a requirement to perform energy consumption tests on hot tubs. Not that they actually relate to real life conditions anyway - like car MPG tests, they are performed in clinical environments. Who has ever achieved the printed MPG in their car that the glossy brochure states?

So I can only speak from my 10 years of hot tub experience.

We use our hot tub 3-4 times a week for around 30 minutes at a time. This is an important factor in calculating how much a hot tub costs to run, as the time the hot tub loses the most heat is when you and in it and the cover is off. We perform 4 water changes a year and clean the filters weekly. We find our hot tub cost on average, over the year, £1 a day.

How often do you change the water in a hot tub?

If you skipped over the answer in the answer above, we recommend changing the water in a hot tub every 3 months. You will find in the few weeks before needing a water change the water is slightly dull and more prone to turning cloudy. It is very important to keep your water clean, but we have lots of tips on our maintenance blog and are always on the end of the phone if you need help.

How do you fill the hot tub?

Many people wonder if the hot tub needs its own plumbed water supply like a bath. I can happily say, you only need a hosepipe long enough to reach the hot tub. No plumbing required!

Can you switch the hot tub off?

We do not recommend switching your hot tub off when it has water in it, unless it is when you are washing the filters. It is important the hot tub is left on continually, so the water can be filtered and not become stagnant. If you are going on holiday or are not going to be using it for a week or so, we recommend turning the temperature down. We do have a guide for leaving your hot tub without water in it.

Can you use a hot tub in the winter?

In my opinion, winter is the best time of the year to use your hot tub. There is a wonderful feeling of deep warmth when you enter a hot tub in the freezing weather.

Does the hot tub stay hot?

Yes, the idea of the hot tub is it is ready to jump in whenever you want to. The thermostat keeps the water heated to the set temperature and it shouldn't lose heat when you are using it.

How long does it take a hot tub to heat up?

There are a few factors that determine the length of time it will take the hot tub to heat up. The size and capacity of the hot tub. The temperature of the water. The kilowatt rating of the heater. The ambient temperature. It is fair to allow 8-18 hours to heat an average-sized hot tub.

How easy is a hot tub to maintain?

As with everything, you need to establish a routine. Looking after a hot tub is not difficult and takes around 10 minutes a week. We have a guide on basic hot tub maintenance. It will give you an idea as to what is involved and dispel your fears.

What chemicals do you use in a hot tub?

We recommend using Bromine or Chlorine to sanitise the hot tub water. These come in either slow release tablets or granules. Sometimes you may need to balance the PH levels.

Is there an alternative to Chlorine and Bromine?

Yes, Aquafinesse is a once a week water treatment system. The science behind the patented formula claims that AquaFinesse gets to the real root of the bacterial problem removing slime, calcium and debris from deep within the piping and equipment of your spa.

How much do the chemicals cost?

A tub of chlorine or bromine costs between £20-25 and will last approx 3 months. Aquafinesse costs around £85.00 and will last you around 3 months.

Are hot tubs safe for children?

In short, yes. The risk of small children using hot tubs is their inability to regulate their own body temperature. This can be safely managed. If you would like to read more about how to keep children safe in the hot tub you can on the blog.

Does the hot tub need servicing?

There are not any servicable parts in a hot tub. However, many people request an annual service to check for problems and provide peace of mind.

What is the difference between water and air jets?

Water jets provide hydrotherapy massage. Air jets pump air into the water and create bubbles.

Do hot tubs come with a cover?

Yes, all the hot tubs we sell come with well fitted, thermal, hard covers.

How much does delivery and commissioning cost?

We have a very cost effective delivery pack which includes the delivery, hot tub steps and cover lifter . We will set the hot tub up for you, fill it up and show you how to use it. We will teach you how to keep the water clean and fit any accessories. We do not agree with kerb-side delivery. We also provide you with a chemical starter kit to get you started.

Do you have any other questions which haven't been addressed. Please let us know by contacting us we will be happy to answer any questions.

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