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Feb 03, 2020

Digital Detox with our Winter Hot Tub Sale


Do you ever find yourself thinking "Life is too short!"? Too short to be worrying about whether anyone will notice my grey hairs. Too short to be worrying about which pair of shoes matches my outfit and definitely too short to spend the majority of it on social media worrying about Instagramming my life! Are you a bit of a rebel too?

The problem lots of people face is resisting the temptation. Each Monday morning my phone tells me my average screen time for the week. This morning it kindly told me I averaged 10 hours 47 minutes a day! Seriously, that isn't actually possible is it? When I break it down, I don't feel as bad. My laptop, phone and iPad are all classed as screen time in that report. Last week I ran over 50 miles, the majority of which were whilst watching Modern Family on my iPad. I had payroll to run, end of month graphics, as well as all my other daily tasks that tie me to my computer.

Thank goodness for my Jacuzzi hot tub.

Not only does it relieve the tension in my shoulders, it soothes my aching legs - but they are not the best bits of being in the hot tub - my digital detox is!

When in the hot tub, I'm not worrying about my social media accounts, it is TIME for me, TIME for my family, TIME to reconnect with my husband. Love for me is spelt T.I.M.E - I don't really remember the things people have brought me, I remember the time they have spent with me.

February is known as the month of love - why not take a look at our ex-display hot tub sale and invest in a gift that will give you quality time with you and the people you love.

Pop over to our special offers page or pop in to one of our showrooms to discover how affordable owning a Genuine Jacuzzi Hot Tub can be.

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