Five ergonomic seats provide a comfortable place for your guests to sit and relax; whilst an additional lounge seat allows another guest to fully immerse themselves in the water. The Jacuzzi Lodge L provides hydrotherapy for between 5 and 6 people, making it ideal for larger holiday homes.

Suitable for both freestanding and built in installations, Jacuzzi Lodge L fits easily into any environment and with the simplistic design creates the perfect complement to any surroundings. Lodge L also benefits from QuickDrain® a Complete Drain technology which allows you to completely empty the hot tub for cleaning within 20 minutes.

Further features include a lockable, easy to use control panel, LED lighting to create the perfect lighting to heighten your guests hot tub experience, and ClearRay™ water purification.  This clever system utilises UV technology to remove 99.9% of water borne pathogens in turn reducing the amount of water maintenance.

Lodge L is compliant with HSE HSG282 Section 76.

Jacuzzi® Lodge L Specifications:

Seating: 5-6 Seats
Dimensions:  2230 mm x 2110 mm
Depth: 900 mm
Dry Weight: 300 kg
Filled Weight: 2168 kg
Capacity: 1820 Ltr
Total Jets: 24
Heater: 2.0kw*
Pumps: 2.5HP 2 Speed*
Circulation Pump: An option*
Control System: Jacuzzi
Ozone System: ClearRay™ as option*
Insulation: Full Foam & SmartSeal™
Solid ABS Base: ProPolymer™ & Insulated
Filters: 50sq ft pleated
Lights: Multi coloured LED
Volts: 240v
AMPS: 16 amps*
Sound System: No
Equipment Access: Yes
Thermal Hard Cover: Yes
Cabinet: ProEndure™ *
Drain System: Quick drain

*other options available

Thanks to the Lodge L’s heating system, it can be used outdoors all year round regardless of the weather. The spa can be fitted with an Electric Heater (2 kW) or a Heat Exchanger. For even quicker heating it is possible to add an optional 6 kW (3+3) heater to the 2 kW one.

To adapt to the requirements of your business, Jacuzzi Lodge L is available in the blower, hydro-jets and blower + hydro versions and can be installed built-in or freestanding.

Lodge drains in less than 20 minutes and is ready to be cleaned and prepared straight away, thus requiring less of your staff’s time and attention.  Lodge is ready for use in less than 6 hours.

Jacuzzi Lodge set up time

The insulated cover, finished with sturdy stitches and easy to grip handles, keeps the hot tub at a comfortable temperature because it prevents heat dispersions while protecting it from contamination. The optional Winter Pro Kit guarantees thermal insulation, limits heat dispersion and reduces energy consumptions.

Jacuzzi Lodge Hot Tub Brochure

Colour options can be found in the latest Lodge Hot Tub brochure


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