If you are fortunate enough to own your own hot tub you might have wondered about servicing.  There isn’t the same requirement for hot tub servicing as there is for your car.  There are not any serviceable parts in your hot tub as the components are units and do not need oil etc.  That being said, it can be a good idea to check over your hot tub once a year to try and detect any potential issues before they become a problem.  Of course, as with everything, you can perform these checks yourself.  If however you are short of time, or would like the trained professionals to give your hot tub a MOT, we are always on hand to help.

What things should you check for?  Here is our hot tub servicing to do checklist:

Hot tub servicing checklist

  • Check hot tub acrylic for damage
  • Check cabinet for damage
  • Check jets for degradation
  • Check filters for degradation
  • Check functionality of pump
  • Check pump capacitors
  • Check pump seals
  • Check the functionality of the heater
  • Check heater element
  • Check heater seals
  • Check headrests
  • Check the operation of suctions and suction covers
  • Check the operation of the light
  • Check the light for damage
  • Check the pipes for damage
  • Check the filtration settings
  • Check the cover for degradation
  • Check the cover clips
  • Check the operation of the associated extras (ClearRay, Ozone, Music Systems etc)
  • Check the filter unit for leaks
  • Check the touchpad
  • Check the air controls and diverter valves
  • Check cover lifter operation
  • Check the frame of the hot tub
  • Check the drain valve of the hot tub

While you are checking your hot tub over it is worthwhile taking the time to clean and protect it.  If you need some pointers, here are the things we do when performing a hot tub service.

Clean the hot tub

  • Perform a water change
  • Use pipe cleaner to clean out the plumbing work
  • Clean the headrests
  • Clean the acrylic and behind the headrests
  • Clean the cabinet
  • Clean the cover
  • Clean the jets
  • Clean the jet housing
  • Clean the filters & filter tray

Protect your hot tub

  • Treat the cover with UV protector
  • Sanitise the hot tub
  • Stain the wood cabinet (if you have a wooden cabinet)
  • Change the ClearRay bulb (if one is fitted as is due to be changed)
  • Change the hot tub filters (it is recommended to change your filters every 12/18 months)
  • Replace the hot tub cover  (your cover will not last forever, you might find replacing it will help your hot tub perform better.)

Looking after your hot tub and checking it regularly will, without a doubt, prolong it’s life.

If you are interested in us carrying out your hot tub servicing, please visit our dedicated web page for details and prices.

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