Vital Information

We won’t keep you in the dark about any aspect of our company or procedures.  Here is a little information you might find useful.

Maintenance Tips

For tips on how to look after your hot tub, from experience rather than a text book, visit our maintenance blog.


If you want to hear what our customers think about us, our testimonial blog is the place to visit.


Be the first to hear our latest news or industry developments by following our news blog.

Our Charities

For more information on the charities we support and how we support them, our charities page is the place to go.

About us

If you are wondering who Jacuzzi Centre are, then find out about us (and see our lovely mug shots) on our about us page.

Holiday Cottages with hot tubs

We are fortunate enough to have sold our lovely hot tubs to holiday cottage owners.  We like to support our customers in anyway we can, so we have listed them for your next holiday adventure.

Hot Tub Delivery Guide

Have you wondered if a hot tub will fit in your garden?  Would you like to find out about electricity supplies for a hot tub?  This is the place to be!

Hot Tub Manuals

Have you misplaced the manual for your hot tub?  Do not fear, we have downloadable copies for you on our website.

Delivery Info

If you would like to know about how we send our parcels to you, look no further.