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Hot Tub Delivery Guide

If you are thinking of buying a hot tub and would like to know what the costs and requirements are for delivery, you have come to the correct place. When you place your hot tub order, we will give you a personailsed copy of our delivery guide as your reference point until your hot tub is delivered. This will detail the exact requirements of you chosen hot tub, so you can be sure you are installing the right sized base or electricity supply.

Hot Tub Base


The spa must be positioned on a flat and level base. There should be no more that a 20mm change in level across the spa. The size of the base should take into consideration the positioning of steps. If a cover lifter is to be fitted, this will require 450mm clearance at the back of the spa and 200mm at each side.


Access is required to the front of the spa, which is the side adjacent to the control pad. Therefore this side should not be placed against a wall. It is vital that water drains away from the spa and it is not allowed to collect around the spa base. Even where the spa is sheltered, water will be spilt from the spa during normal usage.


Decking should be at least 25mm thick & supported at 600mm intervals. If the decking is on a raised frame, the frame must be suitable to carry a weight of up to 3,000kg.

Paving Slabs

Paving slabs should be laid on an even bed of sand or concrete with minimal gaps. They must be level so that the spa doesn’t rock when positioned.

Concrete slab

A concrete slab should be at least 100mm thick. It should be sufficiently flat that the spa doesn’t rock when positioned.


A gravel surface can be used, but will require weed membrane, which must allow sufficient drainage.

Hot Tub Electricity Supply

You will need to arrange for a qualified electrician to provide a permanent electrical supply for your hot tub. All of our hot tubs require an earthed 240v single-phase supply. All electrical supplies to hot tubs should be protected by a suitable RCD/MCB.

Some models will run on a normal 13 amp supply and can be plugged into a normal 3 pin socket. Most models require a current larger than 13 amps and in these situations, we recommend a 32 amp supply is installed.

Where a 13 amp socket is to be used, it must be within 1.5 metres of the hot tub, but far enough away that it cannot be accessed by anyone using the spa. Exterior sockets should be weatherproof.

Where a dedicated supply is provided the cable should be long enough to reach the centre of the hot tub plus an additional 3 metres so that we can hardwire it into the hot tub controller.

The live, neutral and earth cores must be clearly identified and of a maximum of 6 sq mm. Cables run externally or underground should be armoured.

It must be possible to isolate the supply.

Please note: If a suitable electrical supply is not provided we will not be able to commission the hot tub on delivery. Subsequent visits may incur additional costs.

Delivery & Access

Your hot tub will be delivered on a flatbed truck or trailer. Please ensure there is adequate access to your driveway and where you are planning to position your hot tub.

The hot tub will be maneuvered and positioned using a dolly truck on which it will be mounted on its side.

If you have ordered a hot tub, but feel the dolly truck will not be adequate for maneuvering your spa, then please let us know so that we can discuss your individual requirements. We offer a free site survey to look at options for getting your hot tub to your chosen location – if in doubt, please ask us to visit your home.

We will have no option but to leave the spa at the entrance of your property if access cannot be made via the means we have described in this delivery guide. To avoid disappointment please check the following points:

  • Can a 2.3 metre wide vehicle access your property?
  • Is the surface over which the dolly truck will need to travel firm enough?
  • Check the dimensions of your hot tub, are doorways, gateways and alleyways both wide enough and tall enough? The dolly truck will add 200mm to the height of the spa.
  • Are there any drainpipes, taps, lights or steps obstructing pathways?
  • Are there any steps over which the dolly truck cannot travel?
  • Is there sufficient room to maneuver the hot tub around any tight corners?

Water Supply

Your hot tub does not need to be plumbed into a permanent water supply. Please provide a water supply with an adequate length of hosepipe at the time of delivery. Depending on water pressure, it can take up to 3 hours to fill larger spas. An additional supply from a friendly neighbour can speed up the installation process.

Balance Payment

When we call to confirm your delivery date, we will also ask you to pay any outstanding balance 24 hours prior to delivery.

Please pay the balance by bank transfer to the account details on your order confirmation, using your postcode as the reference.